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"How To Take Your Company Public Including Start-Ups"

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The President of our Company is an experienced Securities Attorney.

We can take your existing company public without using a public shell.

For consultants, advisors, attorneys and CPA's we can customize and build a new public shell for you.*

* If you are a CPA, Lawyer or other consultant that may come across companies that want to go public we can build and customize a public shell company for you. We can make a new public shell corporation that is called a blank check company. The public shell corporation can be formed and registered with the SEC to go out and engage in a merger with a company.

What is a Reverse Merger?

Many people contact us asking what is a reverse merger. Here is an explanation of what a reverse merger is. You can take your company public directly without the need for a public shell.

A common way that small companies go public is through a reverse merger with an existing public company. In a reverse merger, an operating private company merges with a public shell company which has no assets or known liabilities (the "shell" corporation). The public shell corporation is called a "shell" since all that exists is its corporate shell structure and shareholders. The private company obtains the majority of the shells stock (usually 96 percent or more). The private company normally will change the name of the public company (often to its own name) and will elect its Board of Directors which will appoint the officers.

For advisors, if we build a new public shell company for you, once you identify the private company the public shell or blank check company merger can be accomplished in approximately 2 weeks. The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) registered shell company is ideal for consultants, CPA's and attorneys that may have clients in the future that want to go public. When you merge a company in you file a Form 8-K with the SEC.

The going public process is fascinating. It can give you the opportunity to reach investors and investment bankers that you may not have been able to reach as a private company.

We have a number of white papers about how to raise money as a public company and other information we would be happy to send you.

If you would like to go public we can take your company public directly.

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"How To Take Your Company Public Including Start Ups"

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